Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Decide Which Popcorn Machine, Popcorn Maker, Hot Air Popcorn Popper, or Microwave Popper is Best For You

We all know popcorn is delicious no matter what kind of machine, maker or popper it comes from, but are you curious to know the differences and which one will suit you best?  It’s really pretty simple.  Let me explain:
Popcorn Machines  & Popcorn Makers
Popcorn Machines use a kettle that works much like a pot on your stovetop. You place the oil or butter, seasonings and kernels into the kettle as you would a pot. A heating element then heats the kettle, which in turn heats the oil.  The warmed oil will fry the kernels making them pop. 
So why not just use a pot on the stovetop?  With the stovetop cooking method, it’s inevitable that grease will find its way out of the pot to your countertops, cupboards and other crevices.  This type of clean-up is definitely not enjoyable or easy to do.  Gratefully, popcorn machines keep the mess contained. All the oils are contained within the machine requiring little or no clean up!  Additionally, these machines come with a heated casing allowing the popcorn you make to sit in the machine and stay delightfully warm while your guests mingle!  Yet another great feature of the popcorn machine is the various styles available.  Allowing your popcorn not only taste good, but to look good while waiting to be devoured. 
These are the most common type of popcorn machines and are built for both personal and commercial use. They are perfect for just about any occasion. You see them almost everywhere; movie theaters, carnivals, convenience stores, hotels/motels, charity events, home theaters or game rooms. 
Popcorn Makers work the same way as popcorn machines.  The only difference is this type doesn’t have a kettle.  Instead, a simple heating element is used to heat the oil or butter, which in turn pops the kernels. 
Hot Air Popcorn Poppers & Microwave Poppers
Hot Air Popcorn Poppers are small and usually used to make a few bowls of popcorn to eat during your favorite movie or while hanging out with friends or family.  This type uses hot air, not oil or butter, to heat the popcorn kernels.  The popper generates hot air that flows through the kernels. Once there is enough heat generated inside the popper, the kernels pop out of the popper and into your bowl.  You can season the popcorn as you would like. This type of machine remains the healthy choice because it doesn’t use any fatty oils or butters to pop the kernels!
Unlike Hot Air Popcorn Poppers, Microwave Poppers can pop kernels with or without oil.  Microwave poppers include a bowl and lid.  In order to make the popcorn, you place the popcorn kernels inside the bowl and place the lid securely on top.  Next, you place the popper into the microwave and cook at the appropriate temperature. In only about 2 ½ minutes your kernels will be popped and ready to eat. Another important feature in most style options is that the bowl and lid are dishwasher safe.  Thus, cleanup is a cinch!
Does Size Matter?
Yes, size matters! When shopping for a popcorn machine, maker or popper be sure you choose the right size!  If you will be serving a crowd, you’ll want to choose the machine with a kettle that will pop enough popcorn for all your popcorn-loving guests! The kettles are available in sizes starting from 4 oz. and up to about 64 oz.  Experts recommend 4 to 6 oz. models for home or light commercial use. For large events or commercial areas, 12 to 64 oz. models are recommended.  Hot-air popcorn poppers and microwave poppers are the best option for a smaller setting.
Now that you know the differences between popcorn machines, popcorn makers and hot air popcorn poppers, you can decide for yourself, which is the best option for you, your business, or organization.  Keep on poppin’ on at

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